👊🏼 What is a web3 collective?

Collectives on Uncut function as dedicated groups that bring together people with shared interests, NFT collections, or creative pursuits. Each collective has its own unique page and community space, which serves as a hub for members to interact, collaborate, and explore the world of NFTs together.

Example of a Collective page: https://punkedcelestials.uncut.network/

Key features of a collective on Uncut include:

  • Dedicated Smart Contract: Each collective has its own dedicated smart contract, ensuring a secure and reliable way to manage NFTs, transactions, and interactions within the group.
  • Unique Page URL: Every collective has a unique page URL, making it easy for members and non-members alike to find and explore the group's content, as well as share the collective with others.
  • NFT Showcase: The collective's homepage highlights the NFTs associated with the group, offering a visually engaging way to display and explore the NFTs owned, created, or curated by its members.
  • Collections: Within a collective, NFTs can be organized into subgroups or collections, allowing members to categorize and showcase their NFTs based on themes, artists, or other criteria.
  • Members Directory: Each collective features a members directory, which allows users to view and connect with other members within the group, fostering networking and collaboration opportunities.
  • Blog Section with Email Notifications: The blog section in each collective allows members to share updates, announcements, or insights about their NFT-related experiences, projects, or events. Additionally, collective owners have the option to send these blog posts directly to the email inbox of their members, keeping them informed and engaged with the latest news from the collective.
  • Transactions Overview: Each collective has a dedicated section to display all transactions occurring within the group. This feature provides a transparent and easily accessible record of NFT purchases, trades, and other transactions involving collective members, enabling users to keep track of the group's activity and engagement.

By offering a dedicated space for NFT enthusiasts to engage and collaborate, Uncut's collectives create a vibrant and interactive environment that enhances the overall NFT experience for its users.

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