⭐️ Featuring NFTs on your Collective Home Page

One of the great features of Uncut is the ability to showcase specific NFTs on your collective page. By clicking the star button on the Token tab in the Studio, you can now feature multiple NFTs on your Home Page. Here's how you can feature an NFT:

Step 1: Go to your Collective Admin and Select the NFT Tab

Go to your Collective Admin and select the NFT tab.

Step 2: Find the NFT You Want to Feature

Scroll through your NFTs and find the one you want to feature.

Step 3: Click on the Star Button

Click on the star button located next to the NFT. This will add the NFT to your featured list on your Home Page.

Please note that you can feature multiple NFTs at the same time, but the last NFT you star will appear first on your Home Page. This makes it easy for your audience to see and interact with your featured NFTs.

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