⭐️ Featuring Art on your Collection Home Page

One of the awesome features of Uncut is the ability to showcase specific collectibles on your collection page. By clicking the star button on the Collectibles tab in the Admin of your Collection, you can now feature multiple artworks on your Home Page. Here's how you can feature a Collectible:

Step 1: Go to Collection Admin and Select Collectible Tab

Step 2: Discover the Collectible You Want to Highlight

Browse through your amazing collection and find the one that you would love to showcase.

Step 3: Give it a Star

Give a gentle click on the star button that you'll find next to the Collectible. This will lovingly add your artwork to your featured list on your Collection Home Page.

Just a friendly reminder that you have the option to feature multiple Collectibles at once. However, please keep in mind that the last Collectible you star will be displayed first on your Home Page. This way, your audience can easily discover and engage with your amazing creations.

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