👩🏻‍🏫 Managing Collection Holders

Managing holders of your collection is an important part of running a successful community on Uncut. From the "Holders" tab on your Collection page, you can view all of the holders who have collected your art on Uncut.

For more information on your holders, feel free to visit the Holders section of your Collection Admin page. There, you'll find details about each holder, including their nickname, default wallet, contribution in ETH, level of engagement (Karma), and join date. The contribution and Karma values are automatically calculated by Uncut and can provide insights into the level of engagement and value each member brings to your Collection.

If you need to keep a record or analyze your members' information, you can easily download the holder list in CSV format. This can be particularly helpful for tracking your members over time, airdropping them new art and understanding their behavior and contributions.

It's important to note that only the founder of the Collection has access to this information. This ensures the privacy of your members and guarantees that their information is used solely for legitimate purposes.

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