🏡 Setting up a Collection

Uncut is a decentralized platform built on the Polygon blockchain. Collections on Uncut function as dedicated spaces that bring together awesome collectors and talented creators. Each Collection has its own unique page and community space, which serves as a fun hub for Collectible holders to interact, collaborate, and explore the awesome world of digital art together.

Step 1: Get Your Collection Started

To begin creating a collection on Uncut, simply click on the "Create a Collection" button found in the top right column of your Uncut profile. This will take you to a page where you can easily set up your collection.

Step 2: Pick a Cool Name for Your Collection!

Hey there! When you're setting up your collection, the next step is to choose a fantastic name for it. The name should be catchy and easy to remember, so that other users can effortlessly find it and join in on the fun. You can get creative and pick any name you like, but it's always a good idea to keep it short and sweet!

Step 3: Pick a Friendly URL for Your Collection

The next step is to choose a friendly URL for your collection. It should be unique and easy to remember. For instance, if your collective is called "Pixel Art Enthusiasts", you could consider using the URL "pixelart.uncut.network" to make it more memorable.

Step 4: Choose a Wallet for Your Collection

The final step is to choose a wallet for your collection. This wallet will be used to store any funds that are accrued through the sell of your art on this collection. You will need a Polygon-compatible wallet, such as MetaMask or WalletConnect.

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