๐Ÿ™€ Where is the NFT I just bought, I don't see it in My Collection?

There may be multiple reasons why you can't see your Token. Please look over this list before contacting support:

  • You recently paid: The most likely option is that the transfer of the Token from the creator to your wallet is still in progress. This usually takes a few minutes, but sometimes it can take a few hours due to congestion on the blockchain network.
  • Can't view on OpenSea: OpenSea hides Polygon Tokens with low trade volume by default. See OpenSea FAQ.
  • Can't view on MetaMask: The MetaMask browser extension does not natively support displaying Tokens (source). See MetaMask FAQ.
  • Can't view on Coinbase Wallet: The Coinbase Wallet app does not support displaying lazy-minted ERC-1155 Tokens. See Coinbase Wallet FAQ.

The most reliable ways to confirm the Tokens in your collection are to view it from your Uncut Wallet or search your wallet a blockchain explorer (PolygonScan or EtherScan). 

If your NFT does not appear after 60 minutes, feel free to get in touch at support@uncut.fm or hit us up in our on site live chat.

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